About the World

Dear Ailah, 

Assalamualaikum, pumpkin. Hope your day is brighter than your yellow skin.

If one day you ask me, why the world gotta be so tiring, I will answer the same no matter how old I am; what do you expect, sugar cube? Here let me tell you a story about a life I’m living under my 20.

Chasing dreams is collecting rocks, not golds. You wouldn’t amazed by it, yeah maybe a little, but you will suffer more. If we share the same dreams (I do not insist) you will know how frustating it is to not be able reading the electrocardiogram or lacking of skill to use minor sets. You will find it hard to remember all the chemistry, or mostly, everything ended with -gy. But a famous writer in my era said “pain are demand to be felt” and for His sake, honey, it is addictive. Just remember where do you want to go after you collect every rock, and build your own dynasty. If you find a love in the middle of your journey, put aside, a love He sent to you will come closer, if not, it might be only a trial. Just never keep the butterflies, when they die you’ll feel very upset. Let them fly, your heart will be so much lighter. You need to be beautiful, honey. You need to behave, and to be funny, and to be smart, and to be kind, as much as you try. For yourself. No need to impress other’s eyes. Perspectives are things you won’t understand, so just go on, show your silliness only to several people you know deep, it’s okay. But never look down on others, that’s the braveness. Your duty is to do everything as He wants you to, not what the world wants you to. Believe me, I was once a person who supported humanity with all my heart, the diversity must walk along. But I’m sure you’ll learn basic chemistry one day, honey, that some elements just don’t blend. Some of them, when they are combined, will explode, that’s the most extreme. Doesn’t mean I am anti-humanity now, dear. I don’t even know what will I think 2 months from now. But this verse keeps my mind straight “is the reward of good (anything) but good?” I’m a supporter of any kind of His order. That way, not everyone will like you, but, not everyone will like you too if you choose other way so why not?

Ailah, believe me or not, whilst writing this a notification popped up and it said “ayah of the day: while the Hereafter is better and more enduring.” There you go, Ailah. He answered you and my all time question.



He Who’s knowledge covers the sky and the earth and the unseen world

Send us a light to guide from this dark path

This world has gotten mad, 

Too much words which cannot be defined, 

Is it a true or is it a lie? 

Trying to believe or choosing sides

But everything is twisted nothing seems easy to trust

So which one is right, to talk or to keep quite?