Merry Riana: Mimpi Sejuta Dollar

assalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wa barakatuh.

I am never a fan of biography. number of biography book I’ve read: 0. if Thomas Alva Edison serial book from Dancow is considered as biography, then I’ve read 1. is sirah shahabiyah a biography too? if yes, then I’ve read several I guess. but turns out biography is not always boring, this book is a prove! maybe because it contains a lot of ups and downs .(what I was thinking in it then? a plot twist?-_-)


May 1998, Indonesia was in a big chaos. Tionghoa ethnic was being attacked. their shops and houses are robbed. everything was a mess. but Merry Riana’s father had a plan, this madness should not stop her eldest daughter from getting education. but how? the only possible way was sending her abroad. he knew there weren’t much money, it’s even hard to bought daily groceries, but there must be a way, he and his wive thought. luckily, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore let the pupils borrow the money and pay back when they got job (this should be made as a program in Indonesia I guess). so 18 years old Merry Riana went. after getting the money, she calculated her needs such as books, education fees, boarding house etc and there were only 40 dollars left. it meant she had to live with 40 dollars a month, 10 dollars each week. she was too afraid to call home and ask for more money, as she knew back in Indonesia her parents might be suffering too.

living with such low salary made her hungry almost all the time. but she got tactics: instant noodle for breakfast, two loafs of bread without jam for lunch, and joining organisation with free foods for dinner. for almost 2 terms she did that. one day she met a boy in her holy book group. he was just like her, lacking of money. everything was not the same, they met regularly to discuss, mostly about their vision, and business. in the second year, Merry Riana tried to find a job. here all the journey started. she firstly began as a brochure disseminator,  and then a florist, then a waitress. but when she joined a company as an university employee, she understood what she wanted. she did not want to become an employee. she wanted to start everything by herself. she told Alva, the boy he met in the group, and he totally captivated by her braveness. they started to do deep research about business in books, they even attended a seminar by Anthony Robbins (who is he actually-,-), their favourite motivator. all she dreamt about was how to pay back her education fee from NTU and be financially independent by the age under 30.

so here is the difference between me -or most of us- and merry riana: spirit.

to talk about success (here I talk about worldly life) is not always about money but not to mention money is a symbol of established life. sureee my definition of success has nothing to do with money. but what this book has taught me, whilst you are making money, you will get things beyond that. love, trust, loyalty. Merry Riana always believes that the money she is getting must be used in a good way, and she has to include God in every effort. every hardship is a lesson, therefore she feel less miserable. I have a strong will but I don’t have such strong spirit to make it true, but Merry Riana did. she disciplined herself to reach goal, she wouldn’t loosen it, not a bit, or she would fall more distant from her goal, that’s how she got all she wanted. she is powerful and inspiring, she believed in herself when no one was, she knew God will help. reading this book makes me want to do something useful but….well. hehe. why, me? why? -_- this book is recommended for those who think it is impossible to dream big and reach it, and those who won’t hold on their dream because they seem to fail.

endure a little, do a different method, I know you will get it in the end.