Different Souls

I was a big fan of music back then in middle school. My musics are those listened by my elder sister; boys like girls, taylor swift, miley cyrus, yeah by those musicians. And then I stopped listening to her style, because I got my own style since — I don’t know since when. I listen to new songs but not that much, and it still happens until this very period of my life. I’m somehow really picky about songs, I listened to new songs only when my friends play them on spotify and I’d be like, “yes okay so what is the meaning of rockaby?” as I listened to it for the first time and they’d freak out how come I not ever listen to that song before.

A friend once told me that I don’t actually listen to musics, I listen to lyrics more. Well I actually am. But, when I was in middle school I watch a movie titled “Music and Lyrics” which had me come to realisation that music and lyrics were a package. I argued him and told him “so why I choose my own kind of musics” but I never told him this: if he likes singing out the melody, I’d rather read the words. So for me, in music, we can choose, to listen to the sound and feel or to understand the words and feel.

I’m not a musician and I have zero knowledge about music lol I was just contemplating that just like music has its soul, every living thing has it too. Each are different. Just like music has its melody and lyrics, we do too have sides we like more and less. But then they make us beautiful, just like melody and lyrics make music music; complete.

Anyway I just found out that my favourite genre (they call it genre don’t they?) is Indie-Folk. I happened to open a website about this genre and found lists of my favourite musicians. How come I don’t know myself these years haha. So, what are your genre, different soul fellas? (: