“I’ve always wanted to fly,” I whispered, leaning my head forward to get closer to Sky’s ear.

“Then go on.” Sky didn’t really pay attention and focused on the man singing in front of us instead.

Tonight is the anniversary of our school. The hall wasn’t too crowd, people were really tired of school to the point they’d stop coming if there are no classes; even though it’s the school annual party.

“I never got a chance to fly. I’ve never been on an airplane before. What was it like being up there, Sky? They said it’s beautiful, but I think it’s kinda scary though, to be miles away from safety tools. You don’t have hospital up there, or police station, so if bad things happen then you’re done, you can’t do anything. I wanna fly, but I’m also scared at the thought of it.” I talked in a low toned voice.

“You don’t think when you fly, you just feel. You feel the soothing light of the sun and imagine soft textured clouds touch your fingers while the wind blows below your neck. Beside, why’d you think when you are 30.000 ft above the earth? Leave your bad thoughts down there. you really like to complicate things don’t you?” Sky turned around and faced me, looking uneasy.

The music ended, it was the time for the party to end too.

“Okay, sorry.” I mumbled as I straightened my back, ready to get up. Sky was already standing and left.

“Here, take these. Fly on the way home.” Sky came back, handed me lustrous pink and grey balloons from the photo corner.

I grinned then asked, “Take a picture of me?”


If I fly, will I ever touch the Sky?




“Look at that full moon. Isn’t it beautiful?” Sky pointed at the moon, we were at the school finishing some group project.

“It is. Do you like the moon?” I asked.

“Among all the celestial bodies? Yes.” Sky answered.

“Why?” I didn’t know Sky liked the moon that much.

“Okay this is cheesy but you were the one who asked. The moon has always been so close. Let’s say stars are bigger and shine on it’s own, but the moon simply rotate around the earth. It rises and sets everyday, although there are days it goes blend with the dark, still, it is what I like about the moon. It’s consistency of being close.” Sky talked while looking above, then giggled after heard my laugh. “Why did you laugh?”

“I never heard that kind of reaction when it comes to astronomical talks.” I couldn’t help but laugh harder. “Tell me, who’s this moon actually?”

Sky didn’t answer. “What’s your favourite, then?”

This time I didn’t answer. I smiled for a straight 10 seconds. I knew I’ve been a stargazer for half of my life. And I knew, I wasn’t the moon, or will ever be.

I was only a mere stardust; remnant of the vanished star.



Lost in Words

“how do you do that?” Sky asked.

“do what?” I answered while braiding a kid’s hair.

“communicate with them.” Sky mumbled.

“well, you know, Sky, I believe that language were made for human to simplify communication. But these kids, they aren’t human, they are beyond that. They’re angels, and angels don’t need voices nor words to communicate, their eyes radiate what their hearts want to speak.” I smiled, and Sky  smiled back.

Sky was that kind of person who got awkward around new people. Sky knew, that I was also like that, but I could overcome it. What Sky didn’t know was that I lost words more than Sky ever imagined, more than Sky ever lost words while talking to new people.

I lost words everytime Sky stood in front of me.


📷 Sab/Ekv/Rfq



Rose Petals

As I look at the rose, Sky, I agreed today felt so warm because you looked beautiful in pink. Why so suddenly? Are you tired of red, or orange, or blue? Are you afraid of being too easy to read? But, Sky, you’ll always be the hardest thing to understand. And that isn’t something for me to do, you’re like a borrowed book from library; every one else’s.

In the end you’re the Sky, wide enough to cover the whole world, not only me.

And I’m thankful for that, I dreamt of you growing stronger.




Back then

That day you said you were afraid I might be falling, I laughed. I said I wouldn’t because we’re friends, looking at you was like looking at the sky; I’m used to it. But the sky looks prettier now. Every dawn appears peachy and every sunset becomes lighter red. Or have I gotten mad?

Back then I said I wouldn’t, I even laughed.

I go back to that day in reverse now.


The Only One I

I’ve been waiting to take you here. There are so many places I wanna show you so be ready, this is just the start.

Let me spill you a story. I like oranges so much, be it a fruit or colour. And here, I can watch a sun which coloured orange when it’s about to set while drinking orange juice. Oh, don’t forget the sky and the sea look slightly orange because they reflect the sunlight. Beach makes me triple happy. I can breath orange here in every inch of this place. And today, today you make it more wonderful. I got a chance to take you here, after all my secret gazes the entire year. Today you complete my orange-freak feeling, with your orange veil covers your orange-ish cheeks. Today I found my new favourite. It is you. It will be orange and you from now on.

You are smiling, you smile a lot don’t you? I know it’s dark in my pocket, but don’t change your smile. You wouldn’t, would you? I’m glad I found you laying near the locker, after my tiring silent admiration. Now let’s go somewhere new.


Story: inspired by the song satellite-saltnpaper

Picture: shameless self-portrait

I promise

you will never be erased

when the memories collapse

into nothingness

I save you there,

on the street you casually took me,

on the third chapter of the book

which smelled like you,

on the night wind that blew

your name,

I torn you into pieces

and keep you


you will never be erased.