How Little is a Little

“In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”
Anne Frank

I once read over a platform that said making Kartini as a noblewoman who fought for gender equality is not too much like a lot of people think, although there are many other women who build schools for women etc, because Kartini is the representative that even in the hardest situation where we cannot do anything, having the slightest spirit matters, thinking and writing are also counted as a fight. I haven’t read Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang yet, but I read A Diary of A Young Girl which has the same spirit as it is. Anne Frank, trapped in attic for years when the world was in chaos, chose to read and write as her alter ego. She wrote about the smallest event, her deepest secret and protest, her thoughts toward anything. Just like Kartini, Anne chose to fight with her mind, picking up pens and wrote everything down.

Both Kartini and Anne wouldn’t know if one day their name would be phenomenal. Kartini wouldn’t know (although she wished) that Indonesia would allow women to go to school, to work, to pursue what they want to do. Anne wouldn’t expect that her teenage diary filled with random things would reach the heart of thousand people thanking her for reminding what war brings. Anne wouldn’t even think of her diary to be read by a 19 years old (who is now 21), dozen years after her last time writing, and made that girl feels less alone on her breakdown moment and thought that people grow, mentally, and that’s a hope.

Me, and all of you mostly, wouldn’t know that maybe one thing we’ve done in the past would be really impactful for some people. Who knows? even exchanged letters from Kartini could make me and hundreds of women goes to medical school, joining organizations we want. Even diary of a mere Jewish girl could wake the world up of how horrible they are and become less barbaric. So who knows if one smile from me (or you) maybe give a 10 years old boy we met randomly after school spirit to have the same dream we live? Who knows if one critical thought I (or you) accidentally murmured can change someone’s way of thinking?

Kartini has no idea, and so was Anne, and maybe so are me and you.

How little is a little, then, if everything we does might actually make changes?