The Only One I

I’ve been waiting to take you here. There are so many places I wanna show you so be ready, this is just the start.

Let me spill you a story. I like oranges so much, be it a fruit or colour. And here, I can watch a sun which coloured orange when it’s about to set while drinking orange juice. Oh, don’t forget the sky and the sea look slightly orange because they reflect the sunlight. Beach makes me triple happy. I can breath orange here in every inch of this place. And today, today you make it more wonderful. I got a chance to take you here, after all my secret gazes the entire year. Today you complete my orange-freak feeling, with your orange veil covers your orange-ish cheeks. Today I found my new favourite. It is you. It will be orange and you from now on.

You are smiling, you smile a lot don’t you? I know it’s dark in my pocket, but don’t change your smile. You wouldn’t, would you? I’m glad I found you laying near the locker, after my tiring silent admiration. Now let’s go somewhere new.


Story: inspired by the song satellite-saltnpaper

Picture: shameless self-portrait


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