Things to Appreciate

There are times when I feel like the world is against me. Betrayal, lies, pressures, and other cruel things I could not stand keep happening.

But there are also times when I feel like I’m the bravest human ever standing.

This post is a reminder that with the heavy rain, sure come blessings. It’s a reminder that He cared, He loved me, He never leave. A reminder that I have them. The girl who is there to listen to my anxieties. Will I go through this? Do I suit my current field? Will I ever make it to the end? “strengthen your heart”, she always says. The man who opens up his arms to embrace me when I fall down. The only living thing I called home. My first love, my true knight, my father. The women whom I cannot mention characters’ one by one; mothers, sisters, bestfriends, my treasures in life. I truly appreciate their existence.

I’d keep this writing as a lifetime reminder, I am never alone. I, in this world, don’t need to face everything by myself. He lend me them.

And you, whoever you are, look around. Are you sure you have nobody? Look carefully. There will always be someone that loves you for you. And, besides, you have me. You, #letstalk. Lets not drown in our sorrow.


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