Listen to Them and Understand their Struggles (of our Muslim Female Youth)

Source: Listen to Them and Understand their Sexual Struggles (of our Muslim Female Youth)

To anyone who came into this post, please read. Wether you came here on your own or inadvertently, just read so we could tell our friends, our families, our next generation that us, muslims, should end this double standard.

Every human struggles the same desire. You may read that men have higher desire but doesn’t mean women don’t have any. So, instead of judging what is normal for boys aren’t normal for girls, let’s say it is all wrong. Watching porn is wrong wether it is done by boys or girls. Any other things that lead into zina, is wrong, for both gender. Instead of telling only women to cover up because they are men’s biggest fitnah (still it is true), tell both gender to cover up properly and lower their gaze because just like women to men are fitnah, so are men to women.

Let’s end this double standard starting from ourselves. Do not belittle women. They aren’t the purest creature who can hold back every desire. They, we, including me as a woman myself, are just humans.

P.s this may not bring a big impact, as I always post a lot of random things, so why this kind of post out of nowhere? but I hope even my randomest post will bring a new perspective to those who read. And more, for myself.



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