One day

In Yogyakarta I learnt how people tend to care about each other. Even not all the people do, it gives me feels still.
In Bandung I learnt how friendship means forgiving. The girl’s sigh under the umbrella released my anger, I’ll keep these brats.
Bogor, well, I heard it is the city of rain. Does the sound of big city with cool breeze excite you? For me it does.
London, city made of art. The road, the buildings, but mostly, the literatures. If I could fall in love with voice, I’d fall for british accent first.
But, no matter how some places won my heart, no matter how bad I want to live there, the only place I wanna go every sunset, the only place I wanna crawl on when I’m too afraid to look up, is her lap.

I found love in the warmth of your skin.

Ik mis je. I miss you.


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