If Your…is A…


it’s been a long time, by a long time I mean a very very long time, I don’t write like this. writing in my mother language has caught me in admiration, oh how I love Bahasa Indonesia. but then again, I love learning other language too (nope it’s just English, haha as if I would learn anything beside it). I never read any English literature anymore -I read journals sometimes, which is pretty confusing for a low middle like me hiks-, I almost NEVER spoke in English too. so today I’m starting over again, forgive my mistakes and I hope there is a grammar police who will correct my errors, hehe.

hm, talking about companions, what kind of person you want to be with? who’s dreaming about having a doctor as their partner? let me tell you a thing as a student who -sometimes, need a very big motivation- to learn medicine.

when you befriended a doctor, you’ll be with someone whose job is to cure patients and educate them.

ta da dum. what’s so special about it? nothing. ehe, what do you expect? it’s just the same thing as you befriended a teacher, or a lawyer, or an engineer or any possible job in this world. no no, I’m not gonna write about how a doctor would spend his/her life learning about diseases, how they would spend their time for their patients so you should be patient if they don’t have time for you, or how they want nothing in return for their kindness, or how glorious it would be to be a doctor so you should respect them to death. I’m contrary to this kind of “if your…is a…”. because no profession is a standard for personalities.

as a med student, I’m highly aware that our society still think being a doctor is an achievement. we could see the ‘whoa’ mimic they make when we say “I’m med student.”. sometimes I feel over confident too, I admit, but I always try to remind myself I am more than my soon-to-be, insyaAllaah, profession. that nothing special about being a doctor, and I hope no doctors feel special because they are doctors, even more, no one is feeling above anyone. look at those teachers who keep teaching even when nobody pays them, or those engineers who build road and other public facilities, or those businessman who pay a thousand employees. when it comes to sincerity, everything we do should be based on it, no matter what will we become. sincere doctor will cure patients with heart, sincere lawyer will maintain law, and so on. no profession is the best, He decides what is best, and we just follow the path, don’t we? as I said 2 years ago on my old tumblr, “we do not decide, but we choose the choices.” I was wrong, we do not decide nor choose, we are guided. and it’s better.

I’m glad I’m learning what I like,  I respect His choice to put me here, and I will keep the pride of my study field. I hope everyone is doing the same, and let’s not compare anything. do not choose friends, or partners by their profession. when the judgement day comes, no white coat or safety helmet will be worn.

pilihlah mereka-mereka karena agamanya.



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