give love

sometimes it hurts, to be compared, to be mocked, to be left behind.
sometimes it makes us uncomfortable, when people see us as something tiny and fragile, and think we are nothing.
when we hear their words, listen to their voices, it bleeds our hearts. how can a person be so mean? how come such words fall out of those lips?
but we know, the kindest wouldn’t do something in return. Allaah clearly says, all we need is sabr and salah. and He is the most merciful, He forgives, why don’t we?
we may never forget, but we learnt, the way they treat us shouldn’t be the way we treat others. we know it isn’t a good deed.
dear, everytime we remember how bad someone has treated us, please also remember prayers do change them. don’t be selfish. pray, for it may bring peace in our heart too.
don’t hold a grudge. forgive, and then pray.

when I suddenly remember… #selfreminder


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